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Permanent Staffing is the recruitment done on the general level. Here, the candidates are recruited for a basic level job, the candidates are relatively new in the industry.

permanent recruitment

Every Business needs employees

Makes your job 10X easy

In your tight schedule where you meet clients, manage your work, and do your task you need someone who can help you with your business. We help you in searching for those people.

Build a profitable team

A team has different members with different skill set and each member can offer value to the business in many different ways. Yunic HR solutions help you build a highly profitable team

Accelerate your success

Industry Experts are excellent in what they do. Whether its marketing, sales or development, they bring experience, trust and specialization related to that field, hence, skyrocketing your success.

Hire the best

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Our Process

We have a well defined and organized process. We have very strict quality standards that not only consider education but the overall skill set and value s/he can provide to your organization.

Our Team

We have an excellent team of individuals who provide their invaluable service to our company. They are not only experienced by sharp and sound with their skill.

Our Pricing

Many businesses focus majorly on the money but, Yunique solution is different, although we are driven by the money, we only charge for the value that we provide to our clients.

How employees help in achieving organizational success?

permanent recruitment for employers

Success is a combined effort of you and your teammates in achieving your goals. Having employees help you in doing your business and build up your customer count. Many businesses simply fail because they do not hire employees to save money and end up either saying not to the clients or compromising on the quality, in both of the cases, you’ll be in loss. 

Yunic HR solutions help businesses like yours in finding talented team members who can help your business in getting success.

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