Lateral Hiring

Hire a talent that grows your business

Lateral Recruitment is the process of recruiting an industrial expert for a high-level job to compete in the highly competitive industry. The industrial expert is a pioneer in their field making it very profitable for you to hire.

Lateral Hiring

Why Choose an Industry Expert?

attract new clients

It is the human tendency to associate themselves with the best people and hiring an industry expert naturally attracts new clients and opportunities.

Double your profits

Every Business has one purpose and that is to make money. Hiring an industry renowned expert helps you in making profits in multi-folds.

Accelerate your success

Industry Experts are excellent in what they do. Whether its marketing, sales or development, they bring experience, trust and specialization related to that field, hence, skyrocketing your success.

Hire the best

choose us?

Our Process

We have a well defined and organized process. We have very strict quality standards that not only consider education but the overall skill set and value s/he can provide to your organization.

Our Team

We have an excellent team of individuals who provide their invaluable service to our company. They are not only experienced by sharp and sound with their skill.

Our Pricing

Many businesses focus majorly on the money but, Yunic HR solution is different, although we are driven by the money, we only charge for the value that we provide to our clients.

What is lateral hiring?

Latertal Hiring

Lateral Hiring is hiring a well experienced and talented people who can add value to your company. If you are a Startup or growing business, your recruiting team is probably already overwhelmed, with little time to source applicants your team is trying to keep up with administrative tasks like writing job descriptions, scheduling, interviewing, checking references, handling transfers and other duties.

Meanwhile, positions needing highly skilled candidates to achieve your company goals are going unfilled. Sometimes you just need to call on someone else to do the searching for you. That’s where we come in.

Hiring an expert in your industry makes your job easy as with expertise there comes an authority that helps you in creating trust and professionalism in your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yunic HR Solutions Best HR Consultancy Services

What is Lateral Recruitment?

Lateral recruitment is a hiring process where an industry expert is searched for the fulfilling the job vacancy in an organization. Hiring an expert attracts a lot of benefits that can help an organization in skyrocketing their growth.  

What are the Lateral Hiring Benefits that an organisation can get?

Lateral hiring only hires quality candidate with years of experience in the industry this ensures that the business get a good and steady business growth. Hiring new employee also brings many new customers. 

Which business should get Lateral Hiring Services?

Any business that is aiming towards getting their business grow exponentially, that is the time when you should start hiring experts of your industry. 

Why Yunic HR Solutions for Lateral Hiring recruitment for my business?

Yunic HR Solutions provide multiple ranges of HR Consultancy Services, from lateral hiring to IT recruitment we’ve got it all. We are the best recruitment providers providing best services using our three step filtration system that enables us in hiring only the best candidate for your team.