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Resume Sharing Model

Yunic HR Solution’s Resume Sharing Model streamlines recruitment processes, connecting top talent with opportunities. Enhance your career journey with our efficient and effective platform.


Are you looking for the best talent for your company? Do you want to save time and money on hiring? If yes, then our resume-sharing model is the perfect solution for you.

We offer Three Tailored Services:

Screened Resume

Our team carefully screens 10 high-quality resumes based on your specific needs, verifying each candidate’s skills and suitability, and providing you with a curated list to directly engage with the most promising candidates. This service costs INR 10,000 for 10 resumes.

Screened + Shortlisted Resume

A supplementary feature to our existing screened resumes offering. This service includes directly reaching out to potential candidates to gauge their interest and availability for your organization. We provide detailed feedback to aid your decision-making. This service is priced at INR 15,000 for 10 resumes.

Shortlisted Resume

This premium service involves proactive outreach to candidates, assessing their interest and availability, and delivering 4 shortlisted, ready-to-hire candidates. This option is available for INR 20,000 for 4 candidates.

With our resume-sharing model, you can get access to the most qualified and interested candidates in the market. You can save time on screening and shortlisting resumes and focus on interviewing and hiring. You can also save money on recruitment agencies and job portals.